We’ve been quietly working…

We’ve been quietly but steadily working on a project that marks the beginning of a dream, La Perla de La Jolla.  La Perla, as we fondly call it, was born out of the necessity to spread information to assist people in raising their awareness and consciousness. Our small studio at La Perla will be the venue for many workshops, movie screenings, mindful meditations, Yoga classes, soul sisterhood circles, educative program series, celebrations, and so much more we wish to share with the community.

Please join us, be a part of the movement to become a little be wiser, a little more compassionate, and a little more understanding, the basis to building a better world.

For more information, go to La Perla de La Jolla

See you there!

Nancy De Andrade, PhD

LJHC Founder


Why is love the best medicine?

IMG_0594What is the opposite of love?  Fear.

In countless medical articles researchers have found correlations between stress and dis-eases. Stress, in my opinion comes from fear. When we feel afraid our body goes into fight or flight mode and begins the process of getting back to homeostasis by activating entire systems of recovery. A body in a constant state of stress is a body that runs out of resources to get back in balance and becomes vulnerable to viruses and illnesses.

Can we return to health with just love? Sounds too simple to be true, right?

Western medicine is excellent in treating symptoms of illnesses, fixing problems and attending emergencies; it looks at a set of symptoms and finds the medication or treatment to treat that cluster of symptoms. Unfortunately, people are unique and have their own individual reactions, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that make the treatment too general and sometimes ineffective.

Chinese medicine believes in treating each person as a unique world of energy (chi), structures, hormones, cells and neurotransmitters and so on, that react in a very individual manner to the environment. Chinese medicine focuses on preventing diseases by activating the body self-healing mechanism and finding homeostasis. Chinese medicine helps find the root of the disease rather than only treating the illness and symptoms. They see illness as the expression of something deeper to be investigated and treated naturally.

I am not advocating to stop using the help of western medicine. I am advocating to look at the root cause of the illness, understand how it started and empower ourselves to prevent and heal diseases.

What is the role of love and fear in all of this? In my opinion, when we operate from love, we feel at ease, we trust and we go about life in a state of appreciation. When we operate from fear, we engage in stress, distrust, anger or sadness, anxiety or depression, or we simply compensate from stress with behaviors or habits that are less than healthy. When we live in fear we create dis-ease, when we live in love we live in ease.

To live in love is to forgive, to let go, to surrender, to trust, to appreciate, to give, to be of service and to act from inspiration. To get to this level of experience one must accept suffering without judgment or resistance. One must honor all of the emotions and give them a proper voice. One must learn to love oneself with all the faults and mistakes as well as the gifts and successes.

In short, love is the best medicine, especially loving oneself.

There is so much more I can say about this. If you want help on how to love yourself, I can help you. Send me an email to schedule a session with me.

In love,





My Heart Goes Out to You


My heart goes out to and with those who suffer in silence.

Those who must keep it together so they can keep going on. Those who have no shoulder to cry on. Those men who are not allowed to cry but nonetheless feel deeply. Those women who do not let their children see them cry.

To those who have to put their own needs last because others need them. Those whose family depend on them and they are afraid. Those who cannot cry or they’ll lose control. Those who are waiting for the right moment to let go.

My heart goes out to those who sacrifice their own happiness for the good of all. To those who are in battle and cannot afford to be vulnerable. To those who hold their emotions tightly contained in their chest because there is no other place that would hold it.

To those who hurt inside but do not have someone to share their pain with. To those who carry their pain for years and become used to feeling it. To those who feel all alone in this world.

My heart goes out to you.


7 Natural Ways to Calm Your Anxiety

Supplement Anxiety Treatment With These 7 Natural Remedies

Sharon was at a job where she felt unappreciated and overworked. Not only was she not making enough money to survive, she also had no time or energy left to look for a new job. Her sense of loyalty and responsibility, along with the paralyzing fears she faced at work kept her from leaving that unfulfilling job.

She loved what she did, and the people she worked with, but hated the feeling of anxiety she experienced every time she thought about going to work, every time her supervisor came to talk to her, and every time more demands were put on her plate.

Read more here…


Balance Your Chakras And Let Your Anxiety Melt Away

Understanding The Flow Of Chakra And How It Affects Your Mental Health

When the energy flow is disrupted or depleted, the body experiences physiological and psychological changes causing disease and imbalance.  A stressful environment, life problems, losses, or traumatic events can create blockages in the flow of energy and translate into psychological symptoms such as anxiety and worry. Balancing your chakras can help you restore the energy flow in your system and let your anxiety melt away. 

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¿Fuera de Balance? Alinea Tus Chakras con Esta Meditación


Why Are Business Moguls Meditating? (and why you should too)

Did you know people like Phil Jackson, Russell Simmons, Ray Dalio and Rupert Murdock meditate daily?

Oprah, Steve Jobs (RIP), Deepak Chopra, Bill Ford, Arianna Huffington, Padsmaree Warrior and many others also have daily practices of meditation.

What are they getting out of it? How does it help them be successful?

Business Meditation

First off, you can imagine that these are seriously stressed people. Meditating helps you recharge your batteries and regain energy. More energy= more productivity.

Second, when your mind is calm, you can find solutions easier. Imagine this metaphor: Your mind is like a lake and solutions are found at the bottom of it. When the waters are turbulent, you can’t see the bottom. You need to calm the waters to see the bottom crystal clear. Calm mind= better skills to solve problems and more creativity.

Third, after being in stillness you feel more hope and compassion and can gain perspective into any situation. Stillness= better relationship with people= better leadership.

In short, meditation helps improve your creativity, productivity and leadership skills.

Come back soon for the release of my e-book where I explain in more detail what successful business people are doing to enhance their spirituality, be better leaders and be more productive.

Tap it away

Clearing my limiting beliefs is a task that never seems to stop. I have used various techniques to release and heal, but my favorite so far is Tapping.

Even though there are different ways of tapping, I believe Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) provides the best outcome, freeing you from strong, debilitating or negative emotions easily and effortlessly.  Dozens of books, articles and studies have been written highlighting the benefits of using this tapping technique to release trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and toxic habits and is currently being utilized with veterans with successful results.

What is tapping? You may ask.  Let me start from the beginning… continues here.

Acupuncture, in simple terms

11 Ideas de Como Crear un Ambiente de Paz en el Hogar

El hogar es nuestro refugio, donde soltamos las cargas y recargamos las baterías. A veces llevamos el estrés a la casa y lo dejamos allí, y convertimos nuestro hogar en un lugar tóxico.

Las responsabilidades, los niños, las finanzas, la salud, nuestras relaciones con otros, la política, los problemas mundiales, las tragedias y los cambios inesperados, todo crea un estrés excesivo, sobre todo si son situaciones que están fuera de nuestro control.  No quiere decir que cierta cantidad de estrés no sea saludable, lo dañino es cuando el estrés comienza a adueñarse de nuestra paz, de nuestros dulces sueños, de nuestra paciencia, nuestra tolerancia, y nuestra salud.

Cuando experimentamos un nivel de estrés excesivo y constante, las glándulas del nuestro cuerpo buscan el balance segregando una hormona llamada Cortisol. Cuando las glandulas adrenalinas segregan cortisol, el objetivo es regresar el cuerpo a su homestasis a traves del aumento del azucar en la sangre y supresión del sistema inmunologico. Una vez que el estrés disminuye, las glandulas paran de segregar esta hormona y el cuerpo regresa a su funcionamiento normal.  Cuando tenemos un estrés crónico y excesivo, el nivel de cortisol es elevado lo cual comienza a invertir los beneficios y el cuerpo comienza a sufrir. No dormimos bien, sentimos la necesidad de tomar cafe para tratar de mantenernos despiertos, nos enfermamos, nos dan ganas de comer alimentos que no nos benefician, nos da acidez estomacal, se nos olvidan las cosas, nos sentimos fatigados, ganamos peso, nos duele todo el cuerpo, y nos deprimimos. Un estrés constante y excesivo es destructivo.

El estrés puede tener sus beneficios, si es moderado. Muchos estudiantes pueden reconocer el beneficio del estrés cuando tienen que estudiar la noche anterior a un examen, o una persona en ventas tiene una cuota que llenar y se acerca el fin de mes. El estrés nos motiva a completar projectos que de otra manera lo dejaríamos para después. Un estrés moderado nos ayuda a enfocarnos, nos permite estar mas alertas y recordar ciertos cosas con mas facilidad.

El hogar es el lugar donde deberíamos soltar el estrés y relajarnos pero muchas veces hay tanto estrés en nuestra casa que el trabajo se convierte en nuestro refugio.  Evitamos llegar a casa porque nos sentimos incómodos y no logramos recargar las baterías. Día tras día se acumula el estrés y al final recurrimos a actividades insalubres como el alcohol o irnos de compras que, aunque provean una aparente relajación temporal, terminan creando mas estrés en nuestras vidas. Cuando nuestro hogar no es armonioso, nuestra mente lo interpreta como un lugar de guerra, un lugar donde hay que estar en constante vigila. Esta tensión constante crea un estrés nos perjudica.

Como crear un ambiente de armonía en nuestro hogar?

Comienza por la comodidad física.

Mira a tu alrededor y comienza a escribir una lista de las cosas que te molestan pero que has tolerado desde hace mucho tiempo, el bombillo quemado, la alfombra en la entrada que se esta cayendo a pedazos, la gaveta que no cierra, los libros acumulados en una esquina, la ropa sin guindar, etc. Poco a poco comienza a arreglar esas cositas y te darás cuenta de que tu mente percibirá abundancia, orden, y seguridad. ¿Cuantos viajeros no se sienten a salvo en un hotel donde las manillas de la puerta funcionan, el mantenimiento de la habitación ha sido realizado regularmente, y las alfombras están limpias? La mente capta lo que esta roto o defectuoso como algo inseguro y comienza a preocuparse por resolver ese problema, y si nunca se soluciona se acostumbra a lo defectuoso.  Nos acostumbramos a dejar que las cosas se estropeen, inclusive en nuestro cuerpo, trabajo, dinero y relaciones.

Feng Shui

El segundo paso es darte cuenta de cuanto espacio libre hay en tu hogar, cuantas cosas has acumulado a través de los años, las areas que están desordenadas, o abandonadas, como fluye la energía en tu hogar. Imagínate que abres la puerta de tu hogar y caminas con los ojos cerrados. Te lastimarías con cada paso que tomes? Así funciona el Feng Shui. La energía debe fluir en tu hogar con naturalidad. Utiliza el estrés como motivación para mover las cosas y hacer espacio para que fluya la energía. Poco a poco ve deshaciéndote de cosas que no utilizas, donalas o regalalas, abre espacio para que fluyan las cosas y sientas la expansion. Si te cuesta deshacerte de cosas que honestamente no te son útiles, revisa con un consejero el porqué de tu apego.

Limpia y ordena tu hogar.

A veces no nos damos cuenta en el desastre en que vivimos sino hasta que invitamos a alguien para que nos visite. Si estas limitado de tiempo, contrata a alguien que te ayude a limpiar o  limpia un area de tu casa a la vez. Por ejemplo, comienza con el area del baño. Y si el baño tiene muchas cosas que mejorar, ataca un proyecto a la vez, como el lavamanos. Cada espacio que termines, aunque sea pequeño, es un éxito. Cuando termines, utiliza un manojo de salvia seca y quemala como incienso por toda la casa para limpiar las energías tóxicas acumuladas. Video: Como usar la salvia

Una vez que tu hogar este limpio, ordenado y con suficiente espacio, es hora de mejorar la energía ambiental.

Las siguientes son 11 ideas de como crear un ambiente de armonía y paz en tu hogar.

1. Usa aromatizadores o incienso para impregnar el ambiente con fragancias de aceites naturales que te ayuden a relajarte, como lavanda o menta.

El sentido del olfato es uno de los mas desarrollados en los seres vivos. Así como los animales pueden oler al enemigo, los humanos también podemos percibir, memorizar y asociar aromas con eventos placenteros o desagradables. El crear un ambiento agradable en nuestro hogar ayuda a la relajación y a la asociación con el placer.


img_18672. Prende velas o baja la intensidad de las luces para crear un ambiente suave a la vista. Una  luz suave le da la señal al cerebro que es hora de relajarse.

Es natural despertarse al salir el sol y estar activos durante el dia. Al final de la tarde, es importante comenzar a prepararnos a descansar. Las luces de baja intensidad crean un tono de suavidad en el ambiente y señalizan el comienzo de la noche, donde dormir con absoluta oscuridad es ideal para el descanso profundo.

3. Adorna tu hogar con flores frescas o plantas vivas.

Las plantas purifican el aire y remueven elementos tóxicos, ademas de mejorar la salud mental y contribuir con tu salud en general. Las plantas ayudan a mejorar la calidad del aire dentro del hogar.

4. Mantén tu hogar ordenado y con un mínimo de cosas a la vista.

El desorden distrae y crea tension, el orden transmite sensación de calma y paz. Cuando un hogar esta desordenado, el caos disminuye el rendimiento y aumenta el estrés.

5. Pon música suave o que te haga sentir feliz.

La musica tiene la capacidad de reducir el estrés, disminuir la presión arterial, y cambiar el humor. Dependiendo de lo que tengas que hacer (ordenar o descansar), la música puede darte ánimos o relajarte y ademas ser un acompañante ideal para estas tareas.

6. Mantén el ambiente fresco, abre las cortinas para que entre aire fresco y la luz del sol.

La luz del sol provee vitamina D, la cual ayuda a disminuir los sintomas de depresión. El aire fresco es importante no solo para mover la energia estancada, sino tambien para mejorar la respiración, el sistema inmunologico, y el nivel de energía, así como para disminuir la ansiedad y el estrés.

7. Coloca campanas de viento si te gustan.

Campanas de viento, un comedero de pajaritos, o un pequeño jardín son adiciones al hogar que nos mantienen conectados con la naturaleza. La conexión con la naturaleza nos mantiene arraigados y nos ayuda a relajarnos. La naturaleza es perfecta, aun con las ramas torcidas.

8. Usa lamparas de sal y cristales de amatista o cuarzo blanco.

Cuando estamos constantemente expuestos a las conexiones eléctricas, el teléfono, las luces incandescentes, o las computadoras se crea un exceso de energía positiva que desequilibra nuestro estado natural. Las olas del mar, las tormentas eléctricas, o diferentes movimientos de agua, crean iones negativos que ayudan balancear la corriente eléctrica en la tierra. Las lamparas de sal y los cristales ayudan a crear y aumentar los iones negativos para balancear la energía en nuestro hogar y cuerpo.


9. Camina descalzo.

Similar a la corriente de electricidad del agua, la superficie de la tierra esta cargada de electrones que proteje al cuerpo de la inflamación gracias a sus efectos antioxidantes. El caminar descalzos, si es posible en contacto directo con la tierra, nos recarga y nos ayuda a mantenernos arraigados y conectados con el presente.

10. Lee un libro en vez de ver television.

Estamos rodeados de aparatos electrónicos que nos sobreestimulan y nos educan a esperar recompensas instantaneas. El leer un libro nos ayuda a cultivar la paciencia y tolerar la incertidumbre, ademas de estimular la creatividad y la calma.

11. Escoge un rincon especial para meditar y calmar tu mente.

Crea un espacio en tu hogar dedicado a rejuvenecerte a través de la meditación o contemplación. Este puede ser el lugar donde rezas, o te concentras, donde nada pueda interrumpir tu paz, aunque sea por 15 mins al día. Usa cojines cómodos y date permiso de no tener que hacer nada por ese espacio de tiempo. Tu mente te lo agradecerá.



El hogar es un refugio donde soltamos las cargas y no relajamos, el lugar donde encontramos la calma, el orden, y la paz y donde nos recargamos cuando estamos vacíos. Cuando creamos un ambiente de paz en nuestro hogar, nuestra mente lo interpreta como un lugar que no require preocupación y es seguro. Un hogar de paz, tranquilidad y armonía nos ayuda a sentirnos protegidos, a descansar y recuperarnos del estrés. Un ambiente de paz y armonía en nuestro hogar invita a la relajación, al cuidado propio, a expresar amor por quien somos y lo que nos rodea.







Visualization Meditation for Healing and Protection

I was guided to create this visualization to assist in clearing negativity, hate, anger, intolerance that has been lurking around on earth.
If this is not your cup of tea, don’t listen to it, this might not be for you.
Before going to sleep I asked to be shown how this healing might happen and I was awoken in the middle of the night with these images in my mind. I hope you enjoy it and works for you. If you need additional assistance, contact me.

Shamanic Journey Guided Meditation

Guided meditation to connect with your inner wisdom and find peace within.

Recorded right by the ocean so the wind and waves create a great background noise.

Perfection is a lie


Perfection is a lie.

Even when trying to write this I’m aware of my fear of misspellings and imperfections (thank goodness for auto-correct).

Perfection is an illusion.

Something we all strive for but nobody gets.

It is trying to have the perfect relationship but missing the lessons in it. It is trying to have the perfect family, the perfect job, the perfect career, the perfect hair, the perfect body, the perfect everything and failing. Every. Single. Time.

And with every fail we judge ourselves, with every fall we think of ourselves as less than perfect, and because we are less than perfect we must be non-deserving. We must be doing something wrong and we need to find a way to fix it. With every fall we blame ourselves and we start to think that there is no hope, that it’ll never get better or that is not possible. It becomes an unattainable dream.

Everywhere we see ads that sell us perfection and how to achieve it, how to have the perfect hair, the perfect body, do the perfect diet, date the perfect person and so on. None of it is about accepting ourselves, accepting what is. Accepting that maybe we won’t get married and have the picket fence with the kids and dog, maybe it is not our path; accepting that our body is less than perfect and being ok with that, not judging it, good or bad. It is just being with it, loving what is.

It is painful this search for perfection because we can never get there. We fight with other people instead of accepting them, we punish ourselves for not achieving the expected, perfect results. We don’t accept ourselves and we don’t accept others as result, and we crash against it all and give up. We keep trying and we keep disappointing ourselves and losing hope.

The search for perfection is a ruthless, never ending path of torture.

When we learn to accept what is, what we have, our attention starts to gravitate towards what we do have, what we are grateful for and what we appreciate. We can find perfection in nature, in our connection with our inner self, in serendipitious events in our connection to the Divine, in our surrender. Not everything is going to go according to our plans and we need to accept that. Surrendering doesn’t mean to stop believing in wellness, it means you don’t fight it anymore and go with the flow, trusting that perfection is not what others define for you, it is what brings you closer to the Divine.

The Cure for Fear is Action

“Now it’s the right time!”  Said no-one ever

Let’s face it, the right time will never come. Never will be the right moment to have a child, quit your job, invest in a company, or end that lousy relationship.

What stops us from taking those difficult steps? Fear. Fear that we’ll fail (and everything else that comes from failing).

If we could only have an assurance that everything is going to turn out well and that everyone will be happy, then we would take more risks. But then, that’s not taking a risk, that’s playing it safe!

We are a nation of people pleasers, trying to make everyone happy is impossible!

What is the solution then?

I’m not saying that you should quit your job right this moment, invest all of your money impulsively, break up with your partner after reading this, or drop everything you are doing to go climb the Everest!

What I’m suggesting is to take a good look at your fears and where they came from, look at what blocks you from being completely happy (guilt, responsibility, feeling not enough, loneliness, finances, etc) and do something about it. Start a vision board, connect with people, gather resources, research, study, seek help, do something towards your goal.

Fear can be paralyzing and change can be overwhelming. Take one step at a time, conquer small goals and keep moving forward. Don’t let doubts cloud your vision. Stay focused on the feeling of happiness you want  and pay attention to the opportunities as they present themselves. The cure for fear is action.

Life is too short to live it unfulfilled. Imagine 5, 10, 20 years from now, you’ll be glad that you took a risk and are living life to the fullest.

The time is now!



How to Improve Vibes and Good Feelings

Peaceful. Positive energy.We’ve all been there, stuck in a rut, not knowing how to get out. This article is intended to provide some simple and effective ways to improve your energy and vibration.

My first suggestion is to start a spiritual practice if you don’t have one.  This will give you the support you need in times of doubt and fear. Believing in something bigger than ourselves gives us the hope that we are cared for and that we can trust. The Universe has your back.

You won’t believe how simple yet effective the other tips are. Continue reading here.