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Why is love the best medicine?

IMG_0594What is the opposite of love?  Fear.

In countless medical articles researchers have found correlations between stress and dis-eases. Stress, in my opinion comes from fear. When we feel afraid our body goes into fight or flight mode and begins the process of getting back to homeostasis by activating entire systems of recovery. A body in a constant state of stress is a body that runs out of resources to get back in balance and becomes vulnerable to viruses and illnesses.

Can we return to health with just love? Sounds too simple to be true, right?

Western medicine is excellent in treating symptoms of illnesses, fixing problems and attending emergencies; it looks at a set of symptoms and finds the medication or treatment to treat that cluster of symptoms. Unfortunately, people are unique and have their own individual reactions, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that make the treatment too general and sometimes ineffective.

Chinese medicine believes in treating each person as a unique world of energy (chi), structures, hormones, cells and neurotransmitters and so on, that react in a very individual manner to the environment. Chinese medicine focuses on preventing diseases by activating the body self-healing mechanism and finding homeostasis. Chinese medicine helps find the root of the disease rather than only treating the illness and symptoms. They see illness as the expression of something deeper to be investigated and treated naturally.

I am not advocating to stop using the help of western medicine. I am advocating to look at the root cause of the illness, understand how it started and empower ourselves to prevent and heal diseases.

What is the role of love and fear in all of this? In my opinion, when we operate from love, we feel at ease, we trust and we go about life in a state of appreciation. When we operate from fear, we engage in stress, distrust, anger or sadness, anxiety or depression, or we simply compensate from stress with behaviors or habits that are less than healthy. When we live in fear we create dis-ease, when we live in love we live in ease.

To live in love is to forgive, to let go, to surrender, to trust, to appreciate, to give, to be of service and to act from inspiration. To get to this level of experience one must accept suffering without judgment or resistance. One must honor all of the emotions and give them a proper voice. One must learn to love oneself with all the faults and mistakes as well as the gifts and successes.

In short, love is the best medicine, especially loving oneself.

There is so much more I can say about this. If you want help on how to love yourself, I can help you. Send me an email to schedule a session with me.

In love,




How to Improve Vibes and Good Feelings

Peaceful. Positive energy.We’ve all been there, stuck in a rut, not knowing how to get out. This article is intended to provide some simple and effective ways to improve your energy and vibration.

My first suggestion is to start a spiritual practice if you don’t have one.  This will give you the support you need in times of doubt and fear. Believing in something bigger than ourselves gives us the hope that we are cared for and that we can trust. The Universe has your back.

You won’t believe how simple yet effective the other tips are. Continue reading here.

Number One Reason Why Affirmations Don’t Work

I Love My Life

How many times have you used affirmations that didn’t worked? Want to know why? Read on.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are sentences of encouragement that are generally repeated to assert a positive belief. Examples are, “I love and approve of myself”, “I am amazing” or “I am healthy and happy”.

Imagine a situation in your life that you want to change. Then imagine saying some affirmations that say the opposite of what you are experiencing. For example,  you may be feeling depressed and may start saying affirmations like, “I am a happy person”, “I love my situation exactly as it is” or something like that. Do you think that repeating these sentences over and over it is really going to get you to feel better? (or change whatever you want to change?).  It sounds more like you are lying to yourself.

 I’m going to tell you the number one reason why affirmations don’t work and how to change that.

Affirmations without the appropriate feelings are useless.

It’s not exactly that affirmations don’t work, it’s how they are applied that renders them useless. When you say an affirmation that feels far from the truth, what you are actually doing is reinforcing what you don’t want or have. Let’s say you are in need of money and begin saying an affirmation like,

“I have $10,000 in my bank account now”.

Feel into that. Does it feel true? Does it feel realistic? Maybe it does for you but for the majority of people it sounds too far fetched, surrealistic.  Yet some people keep doing them, like a mantra or a prayer, even when it doesn’t feel right in the hopes that if they say it enough times, maybe it’ll manifest.

What you really need to do is change the wording to match the desired feeling. Words carry power according to the emotion they elicit. If I said, “I have $10,000 in my bank account now” and it does not resonate as truth, it is not going to work. If I change it to something more credible such as, “In the past, I have been able to manifest money coming into my life and I believe I can make it happen again” or “I don’t know how but I believe that everything is going to be OK, I can relax” or “Even though I do not know at this moment what to do, I will keep my hopes up and my eyes open for clues” or “Money is already there, all I have to do is align with it” these affirmations may sound more credible and the goal more achievable, therefore releasing some of the stress and changing your mood. When you change your mood and emotions, you change your vibration.

What is vibration?

Vibration is the feeling you get when you enter a room and you feel immediately at home or immediately awkward. Perhaps you may have felt a “weird vibe” or a “cool vibe”, you may have connected with someone like you’ve known them for a long time or rejected someone without knowing them because they give you the hibijibbies. Vibration is the energy you perceive around people or situations. Your feelings tell you what kind of vibe it is.

When you are trying to manifest a desired outcome, you need to be in the same vibe as the outcome you want. It’s like when you are going to talk to someone important, you rehearse in front of a mirror and imagine what the other person will say. You get yourself in the mood, either serious, relaxed, happy or stressed (your choice). Your vibration will attract or reject the desired outcome.

How to make affirmations work?

Affirmations will work when you change their vibration. If the affirmation you are repeating does not have a good vibe for you or does not feel good, change it to something that feels more realistic and achievable. Take one step at a time. Change the wording of your affirmation until you can feel it in your body. The wording that resonates best and makes you feel more at ease is the one you want to use.

The purpose of affirmations is to shift your negative beliefs. If you are repeating affirmations that do not resonate with you, nothing is going to change. Practice writing different affirmations until you find the ones that resonate with you best.

I believe in you. You’ve got this.



Seven Habits of Highly Conscious Parents

OHM PlayHighly conscious parents are those continuously developing their awareness and consciousness. They cultivate attitudes and principles that help them raise their children consciously. The following habits of highly conscious parents require practice and awareness. The more you practice these habits the deeper your relationship with your kids grows.

1. Highly Conscious Parents Review the Past Only To Learn

Highly conscious parents make peace with their past. They do not blame or hold on to their past to justify their present actions. They look at the way their own caretakers communicated, discard what doesn’t work and keep what works.

2. Highly Conscious Parents Look at Themselves in the Mirror

Highly conscious parents understand that their child’s behavior is, a lot of the time, a reflection of their own behaviors and attitudes. They check themselves to see if they are behaving in a similar manner and they make corrections to themselves first.

3. Highly Conscious Parents Choose What to Transfer

Highly conscious parents understand the power of the emotional and intellectual transference and work on themselves first to avoid transferring faulty beliefs and habits.

4. Highly Conscious Parents Live Their Own Life

Highly conscious parents avoid living vicariously off their children. They mentor their children by demonstrating how to live in awareness, consciousness and happiness.

5. Highly Conscious Parents Listen Attentively

Highly conscious parents understand that they do not know it all and that the generations to come have a fresh perspective that can prove valuable in many situations. They listen to their children attentively and practice seeing life from their eyes.

6. Highly Conscious Parents Know That Love Conquers All

Highly conscious parents manage their frustrations by focusing on their love for their children. They also understand that self-love is the best medicine to cure doubts and fear and they inspire their children to do the same.

7. Highly Conscious Parents Dream Together

Highly conscious parents sit with their children and create a vision for their future. They integrate their children into the manifestation of their dreams and enjoy the process of creation. The best way to consciously raise a child is to be aware and conscious of your own personal growth. You are your children’s mentor and guide. When you work on yourself, you transfer your awareness to your children and inspire them to grow as well.

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