How to Improve Vibes and Good Feelings

Peaceful. Positive energy.We’ve all been there, stuck in a rut, not knowing how to get out. This article is intended to provide some simple and effective ways to improve your energy and vibration.

My first suggestion is to start a spiritual practice if you don’t have one.  This will give you the support you need in times of doubt and fear. Believing in something bigger than ourselves gives us the hope that we are cared for and that we can trust. The Universe has your back.

You won’t believe how simple yet effective the other tips are. Continue reading here.

How to Clear Your Energy Field

Cutting Energetic Cords



Energetic cords are connections we establish with other people at an energetic level.

When we engage in a relationship regardless of its type, business, romantic, or friendship, we connect with the other person in a way that benefits the exchange of energy between us. Through these connections or cords we exchange feelings, thoughts, intuitions and energy. I’m sure you have experienced or heard of people who know when someone is about to call or arrive.

We connect with people all the time, some are fleeting encounters, other last longer. Some of these connections are healthy and some are toxic. The toxic ones are the ones we need to sever. There are other types of connections we can cut that are really old, and/or just don’t serve any purpose.

Clearing these energetic cords is like clearing up the traffic on the freeway. When we cut the cords that no longer serve us, we are free to move in whatever direction our soul guide us. We detach and are able to move freely and get clarity on many situations.

The first step to cutting these cords is to set the appropriate, loving intention and center yourself.

Then we proceed to do a visualization/meditation where we begin connecting with the person with whom we would like to sever the toxic energy cords. We do not need to sever all cords and connections with people, just the cords that do not serve us any longer.

Next step is to visualize the cords by scanning our body from head to toe and noticing the areas that feel like something is there. This might come as a feeling of pressure, tingling, heat, or an image. Notice these and where they are located in your body and write them down. You can have as little as 1 cord or as many as 100. Don’t judge it, just notice it.

Once you have noticed all of the cords attached to you, begin to cut them one by one. For this you’ll need to identify each cord’s material composition. Is it made of wood, metal, rock, etc? What shape or form does it have? Is it like a chain, a tree trunk, wires? Once you have identified the material, chose a specific tool that will help cut this cord completely. For example you may use a diamond sword, or a chainsaw, or perhaps scissors. Follow your intuition on what tool will work best.

Take your time as you proceed to cut each cord, visualize the cord completely dissolving so there are no remains attached to either you or the other person.

Imagine the area that held the cord in your body, lovingly healing and sealing completely; the same as the other person.

The final step is to surround yourself with a violet orb of light and ask to be healed completely and sealed so you don’t attach again. Do this for the other person as well.

That’s it! There are a lot of details I left out that might be addressed in individual bases.  If you find this technique difficult to perform, there might be information needing to come through before you cut the cords. Seek assistance and support to understand this exchange of energy and get clarity about this process.

Wishing you much love and freedom in your journey.


P.S.: The video is packed with great information along with a section of Q&A. My favorite part was the ending and the results the following days… 🙂


Balance Your Chakras And Let Your Anxiety Melt Away

Understanding The Flow Of Chakra And How It Affects Your Mental Health

When the energy flow is disrupted or depleted, the body experiences physiological and psychological changes causing disease and imbalance.  A stressful environment, life problems, losses, or traumatic events can create blockages in the flow of energy and translate into psychological symptoms such as anxiety and worry. Balancing your chakras can help you restore the energy flow in your system and let your anxiety melt away. 

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¿Fuera de Balance? Alinea Tus Chakras con Esta Meditación

Why Are Business Moguls Meditating? (and why you should too)

Did you know people like Phil Jackson, Russell Simmons, Ray Dalio and Rupert Murdock meditate daily?

Oprah, Steve Jobs (RIP), Deepak Chopra, Bill Ford, Arianna Huffington, Padsmaree Warrior and many others also have daily practices of meditation.

What are they getting out of it? How does it help them be successful?

Business Meditation

First off, you can imagine that these are seriously stressed people. Meditating helps you recharge your batteries and regain energy. More energy= more productivity.

Second, when your mind is calm, you can find solutions easier. Imagine this metaphor: Your mind is like a lake and solutions are found at the bottom of it. When the waters are turbulent, you can’t see the bottom. You need to calm the waters to see the bottom crystal clear. Calm mind= better skills to solve problems and more creativity.

Third, after being in stillness you feel more hope and compassion and can gain perspective into any situation. Stillness= better relationship with people= better leadership.

In short, meditation helps improve your creativity, productivity and leadership skills.

Come back soon for the release of my e-book where I explain in more detail what successful business people are doing to enhance their spirituality, be better leaders and be more productive.