My Heart Goes Out to You


My heart goes out to and with those who suffer in silence.

Those who must keep it together so they can keep going on. Those who have no shoulder to cry on. Those men who are not allowed to cry but nonetheless feel deeply. Those women who do not let their children see them cry.

To those who have to put their own needs last because others need them. Those whose family depend on them and they are afraid. Those who cannot cry or they’ll lose control. Those who are waiting for the right moment to let go.

My heart goes out to those who sacrifice their own happiness for the good of all. To those who are in battle and cannot afford to be vulnerable. To those who hold their emotions tightly contained in their chest because there is no other place that would hold it.

To those who hurt inside but do not have someone to share their pain with. To those who carry their pain for years and become used to feeling it. To those who feel all alone in this world.

My heart goes out to you.

Balance Your Chakras And Let Your Anxiety Melt Away

Understanding The Flow Of Chakra And How It Affects Your Mental Health

When the energy flow is disrupted or depleted, the body experiences physiological and psychological changes causing disease and imbalance.  A stressful environment, life problems, losses, or traumatic events can create blockages in the flow of energy and translate into psychological symptoms such as anxiety and worry. Balancing your chakras can help you restore the energy flow in your system and let your anxiety melt away. 

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