High Vibration Words

Pick a High Vibration word from this list that feels really good and genuine to you. If none of these resonate, find one that does.

Take a deep breath in and when you exhale say or think this word.

Feel it resonate in your body.

Breathe in deeply and slowly for 10 breaths as you continue to tune into this word.

Abundant          Accepting          Allowing          Appreciative

Approving          Aware                Balanced           Beautiful

Believing          Confident          Courageous          Determined

Devoted          Energetic          Equal          Eternal

Excellent          Fair          Fertile          Flexible

Forgiving          Free          Generous          Gentle

Giving          Harmonious          Healing          Honest

Humble          Inspired          Intentional          Intuitive

Involved          Joyful          Just          Kind

Liberating          Natural          Noble          Nurturing

Open          Optimistic          Outgoing          Patient

Peaceful          Powerful          Privileged         Receiving

Releasing          Responsible          Satisfied          Significant

Sober          Spiritual          Spontaneous          Surrendering

Tender          Thoughtful          Tolerant          Trusting

Truthful          Valuing          Warm


Allowing yourself to tune into the high vibration of these words will improve your own vibrational energy, soothe your mind and release your body from the fight or flight mode.

Give it a try and let me know in the comments below how it worked for you.



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