La Perla de La Jolla

La Perla, or The Pearl, is a metaphor for how our inner  struggles can be turned into something meaningful.

An oyster’s hard shell protects the soft inner organs of the mollusk, but from time to time, a grain of sand or other intruders slip in and create irritation. The oyster then begins producing nacre to cover the intruder. After several layers of nacre, a precious jewel is form, a pearl. Humans go through a similar process, we build a tough shell to protect our vulnerable self, but whether we like it or not, life slips in difficulties and pain.

The intention for La Perla de La Jolla is to create a safe, supportive venue for exploration where people can learn about self-awareness, experience deeper connections, and expand their overall wellbeing. Through experiential workshops, celebrations, circles, talks, and many other events, my hope is to guide you in the discovery of that pearl that resides inside you.

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